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Design Thinking Briefs

Hi there!

I’d like to welcome you to the design thinking briefs. Once a month, we’ll be putting together the top five articles on design thinking and sending them to you. As often as possible, we’ll try to include Malaysian content.

50 Problems in 50 Days

Peter Smart traveled 2517 miles, trying to solve 50 problems in 50 days. Come onboard to share his stories of problem solving through design thinking!

Common Sense, Innovation

Ivan Lim, a local startup entrepreneur, explains how to train someone to actively make a difference on his or her own through innovation.

“One could find a thousand and one reasons to explain why it didn’t work, but I believe that the solution to this problem lies not with innovation “incentives” and programs to foster a “Culture of Innovation”, but rather with the Individual – the most basic building block of an organisation.”

Empathy vs. Sympathy: Why are you not a hero?

As designers, we try hard to build empathy for the people we are here to serve. But what happens when we confuse empathy with sympathy? While empathy is caring, sympathy is an act of judging your customers!

Founders of Mailbox: Design Thinking and Lean Startup

How design thinking helped turn “Orchestra” into “Mailbox”, a $100 million acquisition by Dropbox.

Beyond Design Thinking in Education and Research

“In design thinking students solve real problems, think for themselves, discover knowledge and continually revise and change their models and prototypes, just like they might if working on a project at work. With design thinking, students can learn how to interpret information they’ve learned, and continue to iterate and experiment different solutions and ideas. In the process, students gain the confidence that everyone can be part of designing a better future.”

How to be an explorer of the world

How to be an explorer image

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