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Design Thinking Briefs

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I’d like to welcome you to the November edition of the Design Thinking Briefs. We put together the top five articles or findings on design thinking and send them to you. As often as possible, we’ll try to include Malaysian content. If you’d rather not receive this newsletter, just click here to unsubscribe.

The Future of Design in Malaysia

Muhamad Razif Nasruddin, co-founder of Made Condition Design shared his thoughts on the future landscape of design in Malaysia. Made Condition Design is an independent think tank in the pursuit of transforming Malaysia’s design industry with the intention to grow our nation’s economy.

10 Ways that Design Thinking Can Save the Government

Our common perception on design thinking is business oriented. Do you know government can actually use this approach to improve the public services?

This article recommends you to reimagine government services by asking 10 design thinking questions.

The User is Not Like Me: Design Thinking in Customer Experience

The core idea of the design world tells us that the user of your product or service is different than the designer. How are we going to make sure the users love the end product? It is through methods of design thinking, such as diary studies, the empathatic moments created when the users interact with your designs.

The Myth of the Brainstorming Session

Is a quick brainstorming session useful to you? How much time do you need until you get the “a-ha moment”? The author, who is also the co-founder of “ooomf”, suggests that more time is needed for brainstorming.

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence | Video on TED …

How do we transcend the fear that blocks our creativity? From IDEO’s David Kelley, this is a TED talk about regaining the confidence to create and try something you deemed impossible.

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The Social Business Model Canvas

You have heard a lot about the business model canvas. What you need for your social enterprise is probably the “social” business model canvas. Use the tool to collaborate with your stakeholders, communicate different business models and brainstorm for new opportunities. Download the canvas for free here.