How is design thinking unique?

Many times you have heard that design thinking is the buzz word. Focusing so much on the principles of design thinking, most of the people do not care to better understand this unique design method and why the concept spreads like wild fire.

Design thinking is one of a kind. We look at its core method, the investigative observation. Many have mistaken seeing as observing. Sherlock Holmes once said, “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” So what is the purpose of “observing the ordinary” in this context? You are going to initiate conversation with people and observe for the understanding of their needs and motivation. It leads to effective brainstorming innovations that are the answers for actual needs.

How many times, does the phrase “I beg to differ” comes to your mind? I bet there are many who thinks conventionality is boring. Design thinking does exactly the opposite. We always ask why and why not. Then it makes you engage with people from all walks of life. Who knows from there you would discover your unexplored territories?

Design thinking is also unique thanks to prototyping. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. Prototyping shows you the tangible outcome that you can measure and not just ideas. Another famous one-liner for prototyping: You can fix it now on the drafting board with an eraser or you can fix it later on the construction site with a sledge hammer. It basically echoes the concept of fail early to succeed faster. So the process basically serves as a building and learning experience. If we want to know whether it works, build and test it.