Problem solving in a bag.

Design Thinking Toolkit is a simple and intuitive tool for innovative problem solving. To enable everyone to run the design thinking process on their own, we made it light and portable – so you can take it wherever you go.

Set Up. Explore. Ideate. Prototype.

Design Thinking Toolkit has everything you need to get started.

Process Cards

Keep the process nice and structured. The simple how-to cards help you run design thinking activities with ease.

Method Cards

We've packed a punch into our little toolkit. Solve design thinking challenges with our huge variety of methods and activities.



Recipes guide you through the process, keeping you right on track. Set Up, Explore, Ideate and Prototype like a pro.

Hidden Pocket

In here, you'll find a couple of pens, some post-it notes, a length of string and two S-hooks. So you and your team can hit the ground running.


Made with <3

Get your
own toolkit

A hand-printed toolkit – silkscreened on raw canvas. Complete with a set of curated cards and a few essential tools to get you started.



Get your own toolkit

A hand-printed toolkit– silkscreened on raw canvas, a set of carefully curated process and method cards, and a few essential tools to get you started on your design thinking journey.



Design Thinking Briefs

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